Flostem Hose Meter

Hose pipe use has a dramatic impact on water consumption. The demand for water in the summer months spike in part due to the increased use of the use hose pipe. Spikes in demand make it impossible to maintain efficiency in the supply. More power is used at peak times in the day to ensure water is available on demand. Power that is also a resource with an impact on the planet. The purpose of the Flostem hose meter is to provide a means by which we can be responsible for our usage but also benefit from the control it gives to the consumer.

Unlike hose timers, the Flostem hose meter accurately measures volume and allows the user to decide how much water to deliver through the hose before switching off the supply. No more waterlogged lawns from sprinklers that are left on. No more ponds overflowing onto patios.

When cleaning the car, switching off the spray gun between use and slowing the flow rate down will use less water to achieve the same job. Will you take the challenge to use less water the next time? If you try to wash your car with a particular volume of water and find you need more you can simply reset the device by pulling the lever.

The device can be set to switch off up to 300 litres at a time from as little as 20 litres. This makes it ideal to water lawns perfectly by simply moving the sprinkler to a new position every time the device switches off.

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